The Green Connection (Savings Account)
Open with as little as $5! It’s never too early to start saving for needs like your first car, college or even retirement. Of course it’s okay to purchase some of your wants like the newest video games or hottest electronics. But be careful; it’s very easy to overspend.

Oh! That $5 you use to open your account, it’s also your share of owning the credit union. That pretty much rocks.

Maintenance Fee-FREE Checking
No minimum balance required and unlimited check writing (of course as long as the money is in your account). Pair it up with a FREE Visa Check Card for even more convenience like making purchases.

ATM/Visa Check Card
It’s the best way to access your money without stepping into the credit union. Use your Visa Check Card to make purchases in stores, online or anywhere Visa is accepted. Pull out cash from your savings or checking account at any VBSFCU surcharge-free ATM or Service Center.

Direct Deposit
Who wants to stand in line at the credit union to deposit or cash their paycheck? Ditch the line! Sign up for direct deposit and have your paycheck automatically deposited into your savings and/or checking account. It’s fast, safe, convenient and FREE!

Online Banking/Bill Pay
Your time is valuable and we know it. With Smartlink Homebanking, you can manage your account online 24/7. Check your balance, make transfers, and track your purchases and more. Worried about overdrawing your checking account? Set up text alerts that notify you when your balance gets to whatever dollar amount you choose. If you have bills, save your checks and time by paying online. As long as you keep your bill pay account active, it’s FREE!*

*If your account is inactive more than 90 days, a $4.50 monthly fee is billed to your account.

Youth Share Certificate
What a great way to save for large purchases (like a car). You earn even more interest than your normal savings account. Plus, you won’t feel tempted to withdraw money from this account because it’s frozen for 12 months. You could unfreeze it, but we don’t encourage it since you will pay a penalty. Minimum of $250 required.

Credit Builder Loan
Ok, here is quick crash course in credit and credit scores. Think report card. Good grades, such as A’s and B’s mean you understand the subjects you are studying. That means you can get into pretty much any college you want, right? If you didn’t study, you would have lower grades and might be turned down from the college of your choice. Your credit report and score work the same way. You are graded (A+ to E) on how well you handle your finances.  If you pay your bills on time, you get good grades. If you don’t, well, you get bad grades. Your grade determines if someone like a financial institution will loan you money or not. So, like your report card, you want to be on Principle’s List or Honor Roll.

Because you are under 18, you probably don’t have a credit score yet. These loans are designed to help you establish credit. When you turn 18 and if you have a job, apply for our Credit Builder Loans and start establishing credit today. Click here for more details.