//Introducing the Elements of Money App

We’re very excited to announce the all-new Elements of Money app!

In addition to our newsletters, contests, social media content and more, we’ve added a powerful tool to help teens make money-smart choices on the go.

With our app, teens will get access to:

  • Free content. Tips and tricks they can actually use—right from their smartphone.
  • Videos. Learn simple money concepts and save.   
  • Social media contests. Up-to-date info on our Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook contests.
  • Podcasts. Hear money tips created just for them.
  • Calculators. Figure out discounts, tips and more.
  • Fun quizzes. Test and improve their financial IQ.

The Elements of Money app is a fun and educational resource. Give your teen members convenient financial guidance when and wherever they need it.

iPhone or Android