//Keeping Your Account Safe

There’s more to being a responsible account holder than keeping track of your money.  You should also take steps to protect your account from counterfeiting, fraud and other forms of theft. These tips can help safeguard your account:

  • Treat your checkbook as if it were cash.  Never leave it in an unlocked car, an unsecured locker or the pocket of a coat left in a public place.
  • When writing out a check, put all words and numbers as far to the left of each space as possible.  If unused space remains to the right of your entry, draw a line to fill it.
  • Be sure the amount written in numerals matches the amount written out in words.
  • If you have an ATM card, memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN) and make sure no one watches as you enter it on the keyboard at the ATM.  Never write your PIN in your checkbook or on anything you keep with it.

A checking account is a terrific way to learn how to manage your money.  You’ll learn a lot about how much you can spend, and how to keep things in balance.  When you’re ready for a checking account, make the credit union your first stop.

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